Our much waited mini-trip to Scotland finally rolled around mid January 2018, as did the server weather warnings, as we cautiously made the 280 mile journey up to Edinburgh.
This is our second trip to the city, previously visiting seven years ago, while I was still a baby photography student. We stayed in the most beautiful 17th century fortress in the city, called Peffermill House, it was Autumn and the whole side of the building was covered in flame red ivy, I had taken my Yashica Mat and a Mamiya, organized a shoot on the grounds of peffermill for a few hours one afternoon. The images to be used for a university project. To date they are still some of my favorite ‘fashion portrait’ images i have taken, mainly because i had never worked with a model i didn’t know personally and was a little nervous that my film might not come out, as i didn’t much experience with the Mamiya, but I planned the shit out of it, and anything turned out alright in the end.

but unfortunately the building recently sold, and the new owners no longer rent it out.

This time we was just north-west of the city in a suburb called Cramond. a picturesque village that runs along the river Almond. We stayed in one of the fisherman cottages which is a 18th century stone whitewashed buildings that had A-mazing views of were the river meets the Firth of Forth.
One thing that we didnt get time to do was to walk out to Cramond island. During low tide you can take a path out to the small uninhibited island that is usually cut off from the mainland, but we just simply ran out of time.

First night there we went on a Ghost tour. super into anything supernatural, especially ghost stories, our guide was wonderfully knowledgeable and hilarious. It was was freezing, we walked what felt like miles. But I still totally recommend it, you see parts of they city you wouldn’t usually.

One of thing things I was most excited about on this trip was our day trip to Loch Ness.

A day travelling around the Scottish highlands. Our guide Sean, who when not showing people around his beautiful country, had a farm and owned Scottish highland cows. had the most wonderfully rhythmic thick Scottish accent (think Billy Connolly) Was crazy knowledgeable of Scottish mythology, History, and all the cool movie locations.
We manged to say ahead of the weather on they way there. the mountines the lochs. everything so mesmerizing, and even more so with a thick layer of snow. it was hard no to have the camera up to my eye constantly, but i was trying to live in the moment, rather than document it. so from that day i have some great pictures, but not 100’s.
Our boat trip on loch ness was great, bloody freezing. they serve whiskey on board, that was a plus. But on leaving we discovered the roads had been closed through the mountines from high winds and heavy show. Sean found us some very friendly highland cows to make up for cutting the trip short. we took the boring road back into Edinburgh, but got caught in a snow drift for 2 hours., and had to be plowed out! never a dull moment in Scotland.